Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Holy Mass and the Healing of Souls...

Several weeks ago Pope Benedict commented on the power each Mass has to help those who find it hard to forgive those by whom they were offended. He said:

"Every time that you come to the altar for the Eucharistic celebration your soul opens to forgiveness and fraternal reconciliation, ready to accept the apologies of those who have hurt you and ready, in turn, to forgive... In the Roman liturgy the priest, having offered the bread and wine, bows toward the altar and prays in a low voice: 'Lord, we ask you to receive us and be pleased with the sacrifice that we offer with humble and contrite hearts.' The priest thus prepares to enter, together with the whole assembly of the faithful, into the heart of the Eucharistic mystery, into the heart of that celestial liturgy to which the second reading, taken from the Book of Revelation, refers. [...]

"The altar of sacrifice becomes in a certain way the point of encounter between heaven and earth; the center, we could say, of the one Church that is at the same time heavenly and in pilgrimage on earth, where, in the midst of the persecutions of the world and God's consolations, the Lord's disciples proclaim his passion and death until he returns in glory." (, Sept. 21, 2008)

The Holy Mass is the same Sacrifice as that of Christ on Calvary, though in an unbloody manner. Christ’s Sacrifice made satisfaction for our sins and those of everyone else. When we participate in a Mass, we are immersed in this perfect Sacrifice of forgiveness. As we humbly seek and accept His forgiveness, we should have that same desire to forgive others.

We need to avail ourselves of His forgiveness in Confession in the case of mortal sins. Having been absolved so often in this Sacrament of mercy and having received the graces of the Mass, may we always try to show His mercy and love even to those who have offended us.

Fr. Stanley