Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stewardship—Our Giving Back to God...

All of us should be happy to know that we have had a great response to our Stewardship commitment appeals since beginning them in 2006. Well over 100 parishioners are making a return to our Lord by giving their time and talent to his Church here, St. Michael’s. Many were already involved, yet many more are becoming a part of stewardship. This truly is beautiful, making a gift of ourselves to God.

Stewardship is based on scriptural references and is inherent in our faith as Catholics.

There are four concepts to Stewardship and we will, during the course of the next few weeks, spend some time on each one:

The steward recognizes that God is the Source of All.

The steward lives his or her life with an attitude of gratitude and awe.

The steward recognizes that God has entrusted us with gifts that are meant to be shared.

The steward makes a conscious return to the Lord with increases.

Last spring we made our commitments of time and talent. Next week we will once again make our annual commitment of treasure. The treasure commitments from last November have remained unopened next to the Tabernacle all year. They are being returned to their stewards so that they can see what their gift to God was one year ago. Next Saturday and Sunday we will have the opportunity to tell God personally and confidentially what we will give His Church each week with increases. As has been our practice, these letters of treasure commitments will not be opened by anyone. They will be taken from the offering baskets and placed next to the Tabernacle until next November.

You and I together will be thanking Our Lord for this opportunity to give Him not only our time and talents but also our treasure with increase.

Fr. Stanley