Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holy Communion

We know that, once the words of the consecration are said by the priest during the Mass, there is no longer bread and wine on the altar, but the body and the blood, the soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. The inanimate wafer is changed substantially into our living Lord. This means that Holy Communion has effects.

It increases sanctifying grace, the life of God in our souls. Food keeps the bodies alive, and Communion sustains the life of the soul. It helps us combat temptations to serious sin and venial sin and gives us spiritual fervor. It makes us grow in the supernatural life and increases our desire for the things of God. Also, the grace of Holy Communion gives us joy deep within us because of Jesus presence within us. Not only do we receive grace, but the Source from Whom all graces flow. This is a foretaste of eternal life in Heaven.

Jesus loves us and wants us to receive Him frequently. He wants to strengthen us and to dwell within us. He wants us to be completely united with Himself in this heavenly bond of love. If you can, go to Mass daily, even though we are obliged only once a week. Daily Mass will make a tremendous difference in your life. All the effects listed above will grow day by day.

One most important factor in receiving Holy Communion is our preparedness and disposition. First, are we in the state of grace, that is, are there any serious sins on our souls? If so, we must make use of sacramental Confession; only God can forgive mortal sins. Second, we should realize the great Gift that we are about to receive and have a prayerful attitude. The effects of Holy Communion will bear fruit only if we are capable of receiving them and receptive to them.

Let’s ask Our Lady and our guardian angels to help us prepare to receive the Gift which words fail to describe!

Father Stanley

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