Sunday, July 13, 2014


During an interview with Barcelona's leading newspaper last month, Pope Francis referred to ..."big world economies that sacrifice man at the feet of the idol of money..." I suppose that money was always seen as the one key to happiness. A half century ago other things, however, were valued even more, things such as character, sacrifice and charity. There were candidates who ran for political office whose desires were to really serve their constituents. One became a teacher to help children be the best that they could be. Doctors wanted to do all that they could for the health of their patients. The goal of medical research was to prevent and remediate diseases. The sacrifices of soldiers, police and firefighters inspired all of us.

Indeed, today we know many who see their vocation as that of service. A teacher's joy is to see a student's growth not only in knowledge but also in character. Doctors, police and firefighters are most happy when lives are saved. The list goes on. But, what is troubling is the intrusion of greed into society. When a politician appeals to the selfish instincts of voters, something is very wrong. It's not right when a person wants to enter a profession because the money and benefits are pretty good and the time required for their service is not so demanding. The object of work soon becomes an easy, wealthy life.

St. John Paul II said that we were in a culture of death. Added to this is a culture of idolizing money as Pope Francis indicated. We have to see people as God sees them: His children whom He loves tremendously. Each human being is a person and not an object of gaining monetary profit. We do not like to be used and rightly so.

May we always grow in character, sacrifice and charity to be good examples and to show where true happiness lies.

Father Stanley

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