Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter denotes springtime; the word comes from the Anglo-Saxon and Teutonic words for the goddess of spring. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the Sunday following the first full moon of spring. Alleluia comes from the Hebrew word which means "praise God." It's an expression of great rejoicing. Indeed, this is the time of tremendous happiness because Jesus conquered death and sin. This was not a solitary act. He did it for us. This is the reason for the Son of God becoming human; this is the reason for that first Christmas. When Adam and Eve sinned, God promised that He would save us. This is what He meant. He would send His Son to suffer and die for our sins and to rise from the dead on the third day.

Jesus instituted the seven Sacraments, the first of which is Baptism. By virtue of the fact that we are baptized, we become members of Christ's Body. Therefore, we share in his resurrection. We have every reason for hope. We can always count on Jesus and his saving power. Unfortunately, we cannot always count on ourselves. Selfishness often gets in the way. God is giving us the grace, the help that we need. But, we do not always accept it.

At the beginning of the Easter Vigil last night, fire was blessed and from it the Easter candle was lit. This symbolizes Christ as the Light of the world. May we never shield ourselves from his light through sin, that is, doing it our way. May we receive this light with joy and thanksgiving and lead others to it.

May you always know that Jesus wants to share his resurrected Life, his glory, with you. May you always trust Him. He is always here for you and loves you all the time. This is one reason why He asked that we celebrate his Divine Mercy which we will do specifically next Sunday. We should always have confidence and joyfully say "Jesus, I trust in You."

Father Stanley

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