Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pope Francis and Church Teachings

L ast week I wrote about the Church's teachings on issues concerning morality.  Many of these teachings are criticized and ridiculed because there is an awful lot of money to be made by promoting sexual license. It would be great for some profiteers if the Church were out of the way. Even our President would like to redefine freedom of religion as freedom of worship. In other words, keep religious beliefs in Churches and in their homes and out of the public square.

It's interesting that many in the media are fascinated with Pope Francis. They ask the usual questions whenever there is a new pontiff or, for that matter, a new bishop in a diocese. Their concern has a lot to do with the Church's position on matters dealing with human sexual behavior. Will the Pope still hold to those "old fashioned" beliefs? Will the Church come into the modern age? Actually, the answer is yes to both.

Pope Francis said that he is a son of the Church. This means that he continues happily teaching what the Church teachings, what Jesus teaches. He will address these truths to all in this world today. And he has done so. He will go on doing so.

Pope Francis' style and the way he answers questions cause many reporters' ears to perk up. They are looking for any signs of a change in the Church. I suppose that they and many of their readers don't want to worry about the consequences of abortion, contraception, homosexuality and extramarital sexual relations. They don't want to have their consciences challenged. Moreover, it would be great for them if Christian believers relented and conformed to the prevailing milieu.

Our Holy Father understands and embraces all the doctrines of our Catholic faith. He knows how God created us and what gives real happiness. Because he speaks about love for the person and especially for the poor and downtrodden, a reporter or commentator may make the wrong conclusion about the pope's words. The media want to make life happier and easier for everyone. So, does the Pope -- by following the teachings of Jesus and his Church. 

Father Stanley

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