Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Need for Life

We continue to pray for our country and for the entire world which suffers from the pervasive culture of death.  At the heart of this sickness is the legalization of abortion. The 41st anniversary of this tragic ruling is this week. The root of abortion lies in a lack of love, a refusal to sacrifice for another. The painful and horrible death of a baby does not matter because the person is thinking only of making life easier or more bearable. Albeit there are awful circumstance in which some girls and women find themselves. The culture has propagandized them into believing that it’s all right to end their pregnancies without even considering the consequences to another human person: the unborn child. The baby in the womb naturally expects love and all that goes with it, including nurturing and care. But, these unborn infants instead experience the excruciating pain of abortion. Moreover, the mothers and fathers of aborted children suffer adverse psychological issues. But the truth is hidden. Abortion is called a procedure, and the abortionists will not even admit the possibility of any psychological damage as a result of killing the person in the womb.

Those allowing for the death of the unborn like to be referred to as pro choice. Do they realize that the choice means destroying the life of a human being? What baby chooses to die? "Pro choice" politicians apparently have no conscience when it comes to protecting the unborn. They are more interested in their popularity and reelection. How sad that they choose to represent a group of people based upon whether or not they are born. They are safe in knowing that the unborn cannot vote.

We once again need a culture of life. Politicians, doctors, social workers, teachers, mothers and fathers, indeed all of us, must have authentic love. Love is selfless, desiring the good of the other. Until we realize and live that, we will be immersed in the culture of death, and no one is safe.

May Our Lady change the hearts of those bent on the destructive course of abortion. May she protect the lives of our little brothers and sisters in the wombs of their mothers.

Father Stanley


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