Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Culture of Life and Our Lady

Elsewhere in this bulletin you will find statements regarding life, health care and freedom of religious conscience. There is also an announcement informing us of Pope Francis' consecration of the world today to Our Lady. Please, read these statements. The culture of death becomes more and more pronounced. Increasingly, we learn of mass killings. There is wanton violence in video games and movies. Children become inured to torture and revolting acts of murder. Around twenty years ago, Blessed Theresa of Calcutta was the guest of the President and Congressional participants in the National Prayer Breakfast. She stated that the root of all the mounting violence is abortion. Indeed, if the most innocent of society can be tortured and killed by dismemberment in an abortion, then, eventually no one is safe. Society becomes that of the fittest.

Our Lady said in Fatima that her Son was already greatly offended by so much sin in the world. It's hard to imagine how much more offended He is now. Mary can lead us truly to respect human life. Without hesitation she accepted the will of God to give life to his Son in spite of all adversity. Yes, she is the way to restoring the culture of life in our world.  

Today, let's consecrate our own lives to her in union with the Holy Father's consecration of the world. Also, do not forget to pray daily for the protection of our unborn brothers and sisters and for freedom of religious conscience. 

Father Stanley 

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