Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saint Michael

Saint Michael is an archangel, that is, an angel who is given an especially important task. Angels are pure spirits who are ambassadors for God to men. An archangel has a critical mission. The name Michael comes from the Hebrew and means who is like God.  In the Bible we learn that war broke out in heaven.  Saint Michael fought against Satan and the other wicked angels who were eventually cast down to the earth (Rev. 12:7-9). Nevertheless, in spite of their defeat, the fallen angels continued to fight against the Church throughout the centuries. They will continue to do so until their definitive and final defeat at the end of time.

In the Book of Daniel, we see Michael defending the people of God (Dn. 10:13; 12:1).  He is still our defender against the attacks of the devil.  Many do not want to admit the evil work of the devil.  But, there are times when this work is expressed with great force.  No devil can make a person do something unwillingly.  Yet, Satan and each devil can tempt us and try to cause confusion and to wreak havoc.  They have nothing but hatred for God and for us.

The demons of hell hate us because God has exalted us by sharing His own Divine Life with us.  They would love to torture and kill us.  Abortion is the one deadly sin that they want us to commit.  It not only kills another human being, but it kills the life of God in our souls.

Satan and his workers fear not only God, but have a great fear of our Lady.  She is all pure and submitted to God's will perfectly. We will have the traveling icon of Our Lady of Cz√™stochowa tomorrow in our church from 11:00 AM until after prayers in the evening. This image from the town of the same name in Poland journeys throughout the world for the purpose of invoking our Lady to protect life from conception in the womb. May she and Saint Michael pray for us and for all of our unborn brothers and sisters. 

Father Stanley


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