Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Month of Mary, Mothers and Children

M ay is the month dedicated to Our Lady as well as to all mothers. It is the month when many of our children receive their first Holy Communion. This is the time in our area when so many flowers bloom with their sweet fragrances and glorious colors. This is one reason why it is appropriate to honor the Blessed Virgin now when we can use fresh flowers to adorn her image.

It has continually been taught that Mary is the model for all men and women to follow. Why? Isn't Jesus the Model? Of course, He is; our goal is to imitate Him. Mary is our help to accomplish this imitation. She is the best example of resembling her Son. Moreover, she is active in urging each of us to do the same.

Mary imitates Christ perfectly because of her humility. She completely forgot about herself in the face of the Divine Will. Her fiat -- "...let it be done to me according to Your Will..." -- sums up her whole life. Whatever God wanted, she wanted too. Whatever God would require of her, was her great desire to fulfill. We do not see much of her in the Bible because the focus was on Jesus. She was happy to fade into the background; no one should distract us from her Son. He is the center of each of our lives.  

This is why Mary is the model for every person. She shows us that no one of us is more important than Jesus is. I am not number one; rather He is. Mary prays for us so that we have that humility which keeps God first.  

So, in this month of flowers we honor Mary with bouquets and crowns. When we honor someone, like a soldier or sports team, we are recognizing their achievements and giving them our gratitude. We recognize Our Lady's humility and thank her for leading us to her Son.

Let us ask her for her continued help and prayers for not only ourselves, but also for our mothers and those who will be receiving their first Holy Communion. May they always know the protection and care of our Blessed Mother and know the joy of union with Jesus.

Father Stanley

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