Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Year of Faith and the Plenary Indulgence

From the beginning of the Year of Faith on Oct. 11 through its conclusion on the Feast of Christ the King on Nov. 24, 2013, we have the opportunity of gaining a plenary indulgence. It is hoped that all the faithful will confess their sins, receive Holy Communion worthily and pray. This will enable them to confess the holy Faith with conviction and to make public the Creed. To help to do this, and to help us gain holiness of life and purity of soul, the Church is giving us ways to obtain a plenary indulgence, even more than once, throughout the Year of Faith.

First, as is the case with gaining a plenary indulgence, we must go to Confession, receive Communion and pray for the intentions of the Pope. Then, we should do any of the following:
Take part in at least three instances of a parish mission (as we have during Lent) or three meetings in which the Vatican Council II or the Catechism are explained

Visit a sacred place designated by the Ordinary of the place for the Year of Faith... concluding with the recitation of the Our Father, the Profession of Faith, invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary and, according to the case, to Holy Apostles or Patrons

Participate in a solemn Eucharistic celebration or the Liturgy of the Hours in a sacred place, adding the Profession of Faith during the days specified by the Archbishop;

Making a pious visit to the baptistery or other place, in which you received the sacrament of Baptism, renewing the baptismal promises in any legitimate formula on a day freely chosen, during the Year of Faith
Those who cannot take part in celebrations, such as the home-bound, will obtain the "Plenary Indulgence in the same conditions if, united in spirit and thought to the faithful present, particularly in moments in which the Words of the Supreme Pontiff or of the Diocesan Bishops are broadcast on television or radio, recite in their own home the Our Father, the Profession of Faith and other prayers, offering the sufferings or discomforts of their life."
In observing the Year of Faith and gaining a plenary indulgence, we will have greater holiness in our lives and lead others to the same.
Father Stanley

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