Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Holy Mass

St. John Vianney said that the Mass causes the whole heavenly court to rejoice. He taught that the Mass alleviates the pain of the souls in purgatory and draws down all types of blessings on earth. It gives more glory to God than all the sufferings of the martyrs together, more glory than the penances of all the saints, than all the tears shed by them since the beginning of the world and all that they may do until the end of time. The reason why the Mass is so rich in holiness is because Jesus Christ is Priest and Victim in each and every Mass. The ordained priest has the power through the Sacrament of Holy Orders to offer Mass in the person of Christ. As a matter of fact each priest is in the person of Jesus Christ 24/7. Yet, Jesus is the One Who offers Himself. Therefore, the Mass is a Sacrifice that has no bounds. Its value is infinite. Christ makes it the perfect prayer. Rightfully do we refer to it as the holy Mass and not just the Mass.

Each Mass offers complete adoration, satisfaction and thanksgiving to God, regardless of the attention, or lack thereof, of the priest offering the Mass. It is not possible to offer a better prayer. Participation in the holy Mass is like being in Heaven even though our feet are on earth. There is no more effective moment to approach Jesus and ask him for what we need. The benefits are also applied in a particular way to the intention of each Mass, that is, to the person or persons for whom it is offered. The priest shares in the effects of the Mass in a special way. Also, the altar servers and devout participants who are present share in these effects.

St. John Vianney asked his parishioners regarding their presence at holy Mass: "Are you there with the same dispositions as Our Lady on Calvary, realizing that you are in the presence of God Himself, and are present at the enactment of that very same Sacrifice?" May we all realize more and more what the holy Mass is for us and for the world.

Father Stanley


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