Sunday, June 17, 2012

God and Our Freedom

We need God to guide us in our work. Without Him work becomes mere activism lacking any sense of real fulfillment. We wind up doing things for purely materialistic reasons. But each of us in our vocations are called to give of ourselves in imitation of the first Giver Who gives us life and His help.

Prayer is essential in all our activities, whether it has to do with earning a living or taking care of our families or contributing to society. In terms of society we need to build a just and humane world. We also realize that God wants us to respect everyone’s right to a free, good and healthy life. It is not a matter of leaving everything up to the government. Then, we are in a dangerous position of being subject to government control. As members of society, we can imitate Christ who came to serve rather than be served. We must do what we can to protect life from conception and to foster human dignity. This means that the government must never do anything to compromise our God given rights, including the right to freedom of conscience. This is why the Catholic bishops are rightfully opposed to the Health and Human Services mandate to provide contraceptive services to all employees of Catholic institutions. God has given us life and the gift of freedom. Let us always protect the freedom of conscience.

Today, we give special attention to another gift that He has given us. He has given us the gifts of our earthly fathers. May we always show our appreciation to our fathers and to those men who are not biological fathers but who guided and helped us a long the way of life. May each of us honor and pray for them every day.

Father Stanley

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