Sunday, May 8, 2011

God Is With Us

 Many are away from God, but He is always with them. He is everywhere and wants our happiness and for us to love Him. He is with us above all in the Sacraments and particularly in the Holy Eucharist which is the Body and Blood Soul and Divinity of the Son of God Jesus Christ.

I want to mention another way in which God has been and continues to be with us. Although it is not in a way that is so close and personal as in the Sacraments. He is with us through the papacy. This is a great gift to the Church. Throughout the last two millennia, it is the papacy that has guaranteed freedom from error in the area of faith and morals. It has guaranteed the Church unity; there is only one authentic Catholic Church. Even in times when there were pope who led questionable moral lives, they never as pope taught error.

We have been especially blessed in our lifetimes. Some of us might remember Pope Pius XI, Pope Pius XII, and Pope Paul VI. Most of us know Blessed John Paul II and our present Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. They have inspired so many to come into the Catholic Church and many fallen away Catholics to come back home.

From the day he was made Pope in St. Peter’s Square in 1978, Blessed John Paul II said "Do not be afraid..." To be Christ’s disciple, to make Him the center of your life. It is in Him that we find true fulfillment. What a privilege it is to have seen on earth someone who is in Heaven now. Some of us even saw him in person. Whether we were ever able to be in his presence, what is important is that he loved us and wanted us to know Christ. He loves us perfectly now, not hampered by physical impediments. Each of us can talk to him as often as we like.

Although we cannot talk with Pope Benedict as we can with Blessed Pope John Paul II, he continues to lead us into a deeper insight into who Christ is and what He means for each of us. If you have a chance it is well worth it to read Pope Benedict’s two books on Jesus. They are indeed fruitful for meditation. We would benefit from anything written by him and Blessed John Paul.

Father Stanley

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