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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Faith and Humility...

As we begin the season of Lent, we might reflect upon the virtue of humility. We recognize that we are created by God. We are not better than or equal to Him; nor is any one of us better than others. The blessings that each of us has ultimately come from our loving Father in Heaven. The gift of His Love through His Son is unfathomable. He unites his own Life with ours. He wants us with Him now and for all eternity with a Love that never diminishes. The only response that we can have is our love for Him—a love that can and should always grow.

Pride prevents a person from acknowledging God altogether or from seeing his Goodness and Providence. Humility shows us our weaknesses and sins and our need for Him.

A few weeks back while reflecting on the humility of the three wise men on the Solemnity of the Epiphany, the Pope had this to say:

...we can ask ourselves: What is the reason that some see and others do not? What is it that opens the eyes and heart? What is missing in those who remain indifferent, from those who indicate the way but do not move? We can answer: the excessive certainty in themselves, the pretension of knowing reality perfectly, the presumption of already having formulated a definitive judgment on things, thus making their hearts closed and insensitive to the novelty of God. They are certain of the idea they have of the world and do not let themselves be moved in their deepest being by the adventure of a God who wants to meet them. They place more confidence in themselves than in him, and they do not consider it possible that God, being so great, can make himself small, that he can really come close to us.

In the end, what is missing is genuine humility, which is able to submit to what is greater, but also the genuine courage that leads one to believe what is really great, even if it is manifested in a defenseless child.

Lacking is the capacity to be children at heart, to be amazed, and to come out of oneself to undertake the way indicated by the star, the way of God. Nevertheless, the Lord has the power to make us able to see and to save us. Therefore, we want to ask him to give us a wise and innocent heart, which will allow us to see the star of his mercy, which will lead us on his way, to meet him and be inundated by the great light and the true joy that he has brought to this world. Amen.

We have to go beyond ourselves to see and love God and even to really love others.

Fr. Stanley