Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No reason to fear...

We are in the year of St. Paul—from last June 29 through June 29 of this year. In his general audiences each week, the Holy Father has been commenting on the letters of St. Paul in the Bible. Zenit news agency reported the following:

Ephesians and Colossians "bestow us with a highly positive and fruitful message," he said. "It is this: Christ need not fear any eventual competitor, because he is superior to any type of power that would try to humiliate man. [...] That's why, if we are united to Christ, we should fear no enemy and no adversity; but, this also means that we should remain closely united to him, without letting go!"

The Pope said that for the pagan world that lived in fear of dangerous "spirits," this revelation came as a great liberation.

"The same is true also for the paganism of today, because also the current followers of these ideologies see the world as full of dangerous powers. To these people, it is necessary to announce that Christ is the conqueror, such that one who is with Christ, who remains united to him, should not fear anything or anyone," he contended. And, the Holy Father added, "It seems to me that this is also important for us, who should learn to face all fears, because he is above every domination, he is the true Lord of the world." ( Jan. 14, 2008).

It is true that many fears can beset us. These fears come from uncertainties regarding the places and the present world in which we live. Some fear not only for themselves but also for their families and other loved ones.

God sees the whole picture. He sees all of human history and where we are headed now and way into the future. He wants only our happiness—our well being. Even though a person may be going through a very difficult situation, He is there with His strength and His love. Each of us needs to remember this and rely upon it, and not let any evil get the better of us. We have been reminded of this by Jesus Himself when he appeared to St. Faustyna over seventy years ago.

His help and His Mercy are overabundant. May each of us always say, in good times as well as in bad: "Jesus, I trust in You."

Fr. Stanley