Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Voting for the Good of All...

There are a number of issues, affecting our lives and the lives of all Americans, that we should consider as we approach the national elections next month. We need representatives who will protect all human beings from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. We need a pro-life amendment. We must also have protections for the poor, the sick, the weak, children, and the elderly. It is awful to think that legislation is passed to appease the ones who have the most clout because they can get the most money to pressure the president and Congress and to be unrelenting. Is what special interest groups, unions, and associations want always good for the country as a whole? Or is it just good for them, giving them more freedoms and more benefits?

One of the assets of a nation that must be safeguarded and supported is the family. It is the basic and most important unit of society. It should never be weakened by government intrusion, nor by policies or laws that hamper it. Increased taxes (not just income, but sales and hidden taxes) are an unjust burden on those working to raise families. Government has no right to try to limit the size of families either directly (as China does) or indirectly. Nor should it promote certain ideological and politically motivated trends in education that undermine the proper rearing of children. This happens by teaching that recreational sex, having two mommies or two daddies, and that same-sex marriage is OK. Materialism and hedonism are destructive not only to the family but to everyone.

Many have lost sight of the fact that parents have the right to educate their own children. Unfortunately, in public life and in education, God and the spiritual nature of the immortal soul are left out. Only a materialistic view of humanity is permitted.

There is much to consider when we are pondering which candidates to elect. We have to remember that the president appoints judges who will impact our lives for better or for worse We hopefully are citizens who have informed consciences, that is moral judgments in accord with God’s law. We cannot leave God in our homes when we go to the polling booths.

We are not divided into a political half and a religious half. Even though it may be a hard task, we will hopefully find candidates who come closest to what God teaches. Then, we will vote for the better candidate not in order to make America Catholic, but to make America better.

Fr. Stanley