Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Catholic Bashing...

Last week I caught an interview with Bill Donohue, president of The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, on The World Over which is broadcast on EWTN. When asked why is it that those in the media and entertainment industry often insult and attack the Catholic Church, evangelicals, and their beliefs, the answer was essentially that it is safe to do so. Catholics and other Christians will not retaliate. Thanks to The Catholic League, responses are made to media bashing, pointing out their errors and lack of fairness and sometimes down right maliciousness. However, the response of other groups and religions might be that of huge protests and even violence. So, those on TV talk shows and in movies think that the Church is an easy mark. The Holy Eucharist, Our Lord, Our Lady, priests, and the Pope have been and continue to be the subjects of insults. Indeed, blasphemies are committed.

This betrays a cowardice on the part of the perpetrators. They will mock the Church for being against abortion and homosexual activity, but will not utter a sound about Islam holding to the same values—nor should they. The media should not mock any faith for its beliefs and moral teachings. The fact that they single out mostly the Catholic Church shows their lack of character.

There is also the motive of profit. If the Church were to influence everyone to keep the Ten Commandments and to live the Beatitudes in charity, billions of dollars would be lost by the profiteers of immoral activity. The abortion industry would collapse; pornography would end; casual sex would not be an option, and contraceptives would not have a market. Of course, we do not foresee the whole world living the teachings of Christ 100 percent and all of the time. Yet, if more people accept Christ and his Way, then the merchants of immorality would stand to lose more. Living the Catholic life is not meant to bring about earthly riches and pleasures.

In the future I will tell you more about The Catholic League. There is a link to their web site here and on the St. Michael's home page. For now, let us pray and try to be an effective influence upon our world, especially the media. If something is offensive to our faith, we should make it known to those who are responsible. We should stop watching those programs that have unfair treatment of our religion. It is also a good idea to not buy the products of those companies who sponsor such programs. We can make a difference.

Fr. Stanley