Friday, September 29, 2006

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Today's Mass is that of Sunday, the 26th in Ordinary Time. Since it is October 1, it is worthwhile to reflect on St. Theresa of the Child Jesus or the Little Flower. Her statue, which was originally in the old church building was graciously restored by one of our parishioners, Donna Kallesser. Donna has also restored a statue of Our Lady which had been in the school building.

Our statue of St. Theresa captures her holiness, her kindness, her love for God and us. From early childhood she loved Jesus deeply. She wanted him to use her as his toy as a child plays with a rubber ball. She was happy to be not the most beautiful flower, the rose, but to be the littlest flower of the field. You see, even the least attractive flower gives glory to God. As we stand before her statue, may we contemplate how much we want to give glory to Him.

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Guardian Angels. We thank God for our guardian Angels. They behold the Beatific Vision; they see God face to face. They want the same for us. So, each of our angels help us to always know and follow the way to God. They protect us from spiritual evil and often shield us from physical harm. However, they need our cooperation. Our angels will not force us to make the right choice. But, they are always with us to help.

This Saturday is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. We know that Mary is not only our Mother but also a powerful intercessor, and the rosary is a very powerful prayer. This prayer helps us to have a deeper understanding and love for Mary and her Son. As we say the rosary we meditate on each of the twenty mysteries (the stained glass in our church depicts sixteen of them). Through these meditations, we grow in understanding God's love for us and how we can love Him as Mary and Joseph did. It doesn't take long to say a rosary. May we consider saying the rosary daily if we do not yet do so. Also, if time permits, you can join us for the rosary every Monday through Saturday at 6:30 AM before the 7 AM Mass.

The rosary, Our Lady, our guardian Angels and the Saints like St. Theresa lead us to God. It just shows how much God wants us in his company by giving us such beautiful aids. May He be praised now and always! Niech bĂȘdie pochwalone Jezus Chrystus!

Fr. Stanley