Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Holy Trinity and Fathers’ Day

T oday, we honor the Most Holy Trinity. Each of us began life in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; and in this same Name we will leave this world to find in Heaven the fullness of the vision of these three divine Persons. One God in three divine Persons: this is the profession of our Faith that the Apostles heard from Jesus lips and handed down. It is the faith that Christians have held from the very first moment in the history of the Church.

The whole of a Christian’s supernatural life is directed towards the knowledge of the Blessed Trinity and the intimate conversation with the Father, and the Son and Holy Spirit. It is for this end that we have been created and raised to the supernatural order: to know, to talk with and to love this Trinity of Divine Persons.

Let us reflect daily on the fact that the Holy Trinity is with us always, loving us.

Today, on this Fathers’ Day we might reflect on what fatherhood is. We look to God for that understanding. God loves all his children. His love is shown by his watching over and protecting us. He, moreover, provides for us. St. Joseph is the model of God’s fatherly love. He certainly did all that he could in order to watch over and protect Jesus and Mary. He worked to provide for them. He was a man of tremendous faith and trust in God.

Our fathers most likely did not go through the lengths that St. Joseph did (the flight into Egypt, etc.) But, they nevertheless showed the same love by their taking care of us. Some did travel great distances so that there would be a better life for their wives and children. They worked hard in spite of temptations to take it easy. Their families come first. Like their wives they always want the best for their children. Every father’'s heart bursts with pride whenever his child does something good or makes an achievement. This shows a true desire for the happiness of their children.

It really is a blessing to have a day each year to remind us about the gift that each of our fathers is to us. May we respect and honor them each day. If we give a gift, may that gift be a manifestation of the love in our hearts. For those fathers who have departed this life, may they always be remembered by their children in their prayers and Masses. These are ways that we can express our appreciation and our love for them.

Father Stanley

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