Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Nation and Freedom

Soon we will celebrate our Independence Day, our freedom from tyranny and oppression. For over 130 years we have valued our freedoms: speech, press and religion. We celebrate because our country has protected these rights, and that’s why we love America. However, in recent years there are attempts to compromise and even to eliminate these rights. Some would like to make the government as the sole arbiter of what is good speech and what is the correct way to practice religious faith.

The common good consists in the protection of fundamental human rights. There is the right to life from conception to natural death. Marriage and the family have the right to be safeguarded from new definitions. There must be equality of opportunities in education and work. We have the God given right of freedom to practice religion and give expression to it (prayer). We should have freedom of conscience. The government is supposed to protect our personal security and promote peace. It is not its job to interfere with human rights.

On July 4 before we celebrate, we will conclude the prayers of the Fortnight for Freedom. We have been saying special prayers in order to invoke God’s help to preserve the religious liberty of Catholics in light of President Obama’s HHS mandate. This mandate requires Catholic institutions to use health insurance companies that provide contraceptive coverage. Artificial contraception is immoral because it interferes with God’s plan for marriage. We must not separate the procreative aspect of marriage from the unitive (mutual love). Moreover, many contraceptives are abortifacients, abortion inducing drugs. All of this is besides the detrimental effects of contraceptive chemicals to a woman’s health and life.

As we pray in thanksgiving for our country, let us add prayers for the government to respect our right to freedom of conscience.
Father Stanley

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