Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Holiest Time of the Year

T he Solemnity of the Resurrection of Our Lord is the highest of all holy days. This is the basis of our faith. Because of it, we have a certitude of hope in our own resurrection. It confirms that Jesus is the Son of God and that everything He said is true. It confirms the fact that He loves us with perfect love -- a love that will neither die nor diminish. We can rely on this love and on his teaching.

If you had the chance to see any of the Triduum with the Holy Father, you could sense his love for us and for the whole world. Our previous popes indeed also loved us. This love was manifested by their own particular charisms and personalities. And so is the case with Pope Francis. 
The Resurrection inspires us to share the faith. We know that believing Jesus and living his words is the guarantee of eternal life for us. Naturally, we want the same gift for others. We want them to know the love of God and the wonderful truths He has revealed to us. Pope Francis is working and praying for this too. He wants all of us to be evangelizers -- to bring the Gospel everywhere we go. Hopefully, we are finding ways to do this for those who have fallen away from the faith and to those who have not yet been acquainted with it. We might invite someone to Church, encourage them to go to Confession, suggest that they pray. To discover what the Church really teaches, we can inform our friends about watching EWTN (check the listings of your television service provider) or go to their web site,, or other worthwhile ones like and
Above all, let us use the most powerful means to share our faith: prayer for those we know and for the world. 

Father Stanley

ZWYCIĘZCA ŚMIERCI (Conqueror of Death)

Jesus Christ is Risen Today!

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