Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Most Holy Trinity

On this Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity we reflect on Who God is. He is one God in three Divine Persons. Human reasoning has not taught us this. God Himself revealed this truth to us in the Holy Scriptures. Personhood denotes who an individual is; it also indicates a relationship with someone else. While there is one divinity, there is a community of three Persons Who are equal to each other in power, knowledge, majesty, etc. They are in perfect union with each other.
God created us in His own image. We are supposed to live as God intends us to be: selfless, loving others even our enemies, truthful, humble and many other good virtues. But, this has not been the case since that first sin, that of Adam and Eve. So, God sent His Son to become one of us in order to expiate that sin and all of our sins. He gave us the Sacraments. In Baptism, original sin is taken away, and we become members of Christ’s Body. We therefore are united with Him, and through Him are united with the Father and the Holy Spirit. So, the original intent of God, which was ruined by sin, is now accomplished. Moreover, we are called to complete uninterrupted union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in heaven. 

By the way, this is why God created us male and female: so that, the union a two spouses would reflect and imitate the love and union of the three divine Persons. This marital love is always fruitful and open to life, as is Trinitarian love. Where does the priest, who takes a vow of celibacy, fit in? He is meant to be a sign of the ultimate union with God by his life and his work. In the person of Christ, he mediates this union by administering the holy Sacraments. 

 It’s good to think about how much God loves us by creating each of us to be in union with Him -- a union sealed by His Love.
Father Stanley 

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