Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whose Will? Mine or God's?

Although ten years has passed since those inhuman attacks on America, we cannot forget. It's hard to conceive how anyone could perpetrate such wicked destruction of other persons. These were free will acts, but they were spawned in hell. The devils have no respect for people; they hate us because they hate God. We were created by Him to share in his Divine Life. This Satan could not stand. In his pride, he saw himself as the one -- the only one -- deserving of divine favors. He saw himself as the one who should be a god. How could God be intimate with us? And sending His Son to take on human flesh! Unimaginable! That is, in the devil's mind.

Those who want to kill people share in the devil's pride. They are above the next person, as a matter of fact, above everyone else.

We can extend this principle to other sins. Those who use others for their own benefit are in the same category. The thief sees the victim as a thing, not a person. The swindler does the same. The liar thinks of himself only and not the one lied to; no, that thing does not deserve the truth. The lustful person calls it love but disregards the other person without consideration to the harm caused to the other. And then there is abortion. Those who call it a choice do not even want to think of what goes on in an abortion. They do not want to face the fact that there is a human life within that womb, a life that expects the love of his or her mother.

It boils down to what one wants. Is it always what "I want?" That's the way of the devil. Must everything be centered on me? That attitude leads to self destruction and to end of society -- the survival of the strongest. It causes much misery, reaching its pinnacle in 9/11, in ethnic cleansing, in genocide, in wholesale abortion.

The only way to happiness and peace is in God's will. That's not the devil's way; he rails against it. The Saints knew this. That's why they constantly struggled to unite their will with God's. We are each called to be a saint. We most certainly can be! Let us ask Our Lady to help us to do her Son's will. And let us never forget to pray for peace and for the victims of 9/11 ten years ago.

Father Stanley

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