Sunday, July 3, 2011

The 4th of July

We are privileged to have our risen Jesus in each tabernacle of every Catholic Church. We have Him on our altars at the Consecration of the Mass. It is natural that we are moved to express with faith what St. Thomas said because of what he saw, namely: "My Lord and my God." I pray that more and more come to see more clearly with the eyes of faith the truth that Jesus is risen, that He is here.

Tomorrow we celebrate our independence as a nation. For many, it is a time for barbecues, picnics and vacations. It is a time to remember the great land in which we have the good fortune to live. Geographically, it is beautiful: the forests and the meadows, the mountains and hills, the lakes, rivers, streams and two great oceans. It is rich in fertile soil and minerals. It is rich and beautiful in the diversity of its citizens. We have much to be thankful for.

We might, this week especially, remember the character of good men like George Washington and those who fought for our independence as a nation. They simply did what was right -- even if it meant risking their lives to end oppression. We should pray to God to have the same sense of right and the willingness to sacrifice for it. Now, is the time to live and work for justice, peace and love. Particularly, let us do so for those who are not able to defend or help themselves: the sick, the poor, the homeless, the discriminated and the unborn.

Today’s first reading from the prophet Zecariah says, in reference to the future coming of the Christ: "...the warrior’s bow shall be banished, he shall proclaim peace to the nations. His dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of he earth." (Zech. 9:9-10). Let us make Jesus Christ the center of our lives so that there may be true peace and justice for all.

Father Stanley

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