Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

As a new administration begins to take shape in Washington, Congress is expected to begin deliberating legislation to eliminate many of the pro-life laws and policies that have in recent years been helpful in stemming abortions in this nation. The laws and policies at risk include a ban on partial-birth abortions, mandatory waiting periods, parental notification in cases where minors are seeking abortions, and prohibition against federal funding of abortions. The most comprehensive attack on pro-life laws is called the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Although the name may change, this legislation which will eliminate every limitation on the destruction of innocent life that the pro-life movement has gained in the past 35 years. However, some 63 pro-abortion groups have already submitted to the new administration an outline of plans to “advance reproductive rights,” and FOCA is a centerpiece of this anti-life agenda.

As Catholics, we believe that life is a gift from God that must be cherished and protected. Our faith obliges us to work to defend life both privately and publicly.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Pro-Life Activities has begun a massive postcard campaign to urge Congress to retain laws against federal funding and promotion of abortion, and to oppose any bill that includes provisions contained in FOCA.

The Bishops of New Jersey are urging all Catholic peoples to join in informing our elected representatives in Washington to retain the pro-life laws and policies now in place, and to oppose any effort to pass the provisions contained in the “FOCA Agenda.” The postcards are located at the end of each pew. Please complete them and return them in the collection box. The parish will arrange to mail them to Washington this week.

Today, we have the opportunity to make not only the strongest possible statement about the Sanctity of life, but also to demonstrate our strength as people of faith and faithful citizens. Help us make this campaign to secure true progress in building a Culture of Life in our nation a success.

Fr. Stanley