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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Revelations of a Registered Nurse...

In addition to outright abortion, there is a procedure that many are not aware of: induced-labor abortion. This procedure is done even in Christian hospitals which claim that they do not do abortions. However, the intent to kill is there. Birth is induced so that the premature baby will die. Here is what Jill Stanek, a pro-life registered nurse, wrote:

"Today, I am always amazed by pro-life medical professionals not even know if their own hospital aborts, or worse, know and think that since they don't participate or work in 'that' department, it's acceptable. But it's not.

"Pro-life medical professionals should consider it a prerequisite to check an institution's abortion policy before accepting employment, something that I naively didn't do because my hospital was supposedly Christian...

"If pro-life medical professionals would take this proactive step, we could shut down much of abortion without there having to be a change of law.

"This is because there is a growing critical shortage of doctors and nurses. The Center for Nursing Advocacy reported, 'The U.S. continues to face an aging nursing workforce and an explosion in the need for skilled nursing, as the baby boom generation starts to retire, and health care and care technology grow increasingly complex.' USA Today reported, 'A shortage of physicians...will worsen as 79 million baby boomers reach retirement age and demand more medical care unless the nation starts producing more doctors.'

"Note the irony that abortion has contributed to the shortage of health care workers.

"If pro-life medical professionals would work solely for pro-life hospitals and doctors, we would force pro-abortion institutions to change their policies or go under. We would strengthen pro-life medical institutions.

"...the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services came out with a very strong statement on....saying it would 'aggressively enforce' the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which would effectively stop the practice of induced-labor abortion...

"Two thousand years ago, a segment of the population wanted legal permission to murder an innocent man. Another segment of the population stood against it. Then there was Pontius Pilate. He didn't want the innocent person killed, but also didn't want to interfere with the bloodthirsty crowd's 'choice.' So he proclaimed his displeasure, yet washed his hands of the entire matter.

"How did it come to be that in America babies are aborted alive and shelved to die in hospital-soiled utility rooms?"

Jill Stanek is a true defender of human life. She began her fight to stop live birth abortion after witnessing one as a registered nurse at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. There are many deceptive ways and reasons to abort unborn children. It comes down to convenience and money. It's easier to get rid of an unwanted child, and it makes a lot of money for the abortion industry.

We know that God created and loves us. He loves us all without discrimination, and that includes those who are not yet born.

Fr. Stanley