Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christ our King and Thanksgiving

Today, the last Sunday of the Church year, we reflect on two things: Jesus Christ as our  King and the conclusion of the Year of Faith.  We proclaim Christ King of the universe because He is the only way to eternal life -- to salvation.  He is a patient, merciful King, giving us more than we need to combat temptations and to cooperate with his help.  He is the center of the universe and should be central to our lives.  When we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we have real happiness.  This is a happiness that is not relegated only to the afterlife, but it is here and now.

As we approach the celebration of Thanksgiving, we realized that there are many problems in the world.  There is so much evil perpetrated against people  and so much sickness.  There are problems and hardships also for many of us.  Yet, we recall that the Thanksgiving holiday is a reminder for us to see the blessings that we have and to be thankful.  Hopefully, we find time everyday to tell God how much we appreciate what He has done for us.  In spite of pain, heartache and worry, we know that He does care for us and wants us to be happy now and forever.  Knowing the Eucharist means thanksgiving, we thank Him for this greatest of all the Sacraments and the other Sacraments.  His Sacrifice, his forgiveness and his word are among other gifts for which we are grateful.

A natural response to receiving from God is for us to give to others.  It is so good to see the outpouring of gifts for the less fortunate at this time of year in spite of the poor economy.  May God reward you.  May we continue this spirit of giving throughout the weeks and months ahead.

Let us always remember to pray for others, especially for those who suffer and are in danger.  May God protect them and help them.

On behalf of Fr. Irek, Fr. George and Fr. John, I wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  I pray that God bless you with good health and all that you need.

Father Stanley

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